Family mold to reduce the mold cost

What is family mold?

family plastic injection mold

Family plastic injection mold

Family mold is multiple cavity mold, but the plastic parts are different.

Why you need family mold?

  • Save mold cost and plastic unit price.
  • To shot different parts at one shot.

What you need to pay attention to purchase family mold?

If you need to have all of the parts at one shot:

  • Please make sure that all of your parts are same color and same resin.
  • Make sure there is no big difference on the height of the plastic parts, otherwise it maybe more expensive compare to the multiple cavity mold or single cavity mold.

Even if the plastic parts resin and colors are different. you can also consider to use family mold.Family injection mold

  • If so, you need to consider to use the runner switch to control the runner shut off or open.
  • Use the runner switch, you can control to produce one of the plastic parts or combine the parts whatever you want to produce or produce all of them.
  • But please noted that just same color and same resin plastic parts can be produced in one shots.
  • At right picture, you can see the runner switch in purple color.

Custom service in SEASKYTOOLING to make the family mold for you:

You will have no responsibly or risky to make the family mold thanks to we will optimize the family mold and control the quality.Family plastic mold

Also we can help you to make a decision what kind of family mold you need, you just need to tell us the demand of your plastic parts,  part usage per your one sets of products, colors and resin. You can also let us know know your marketing situation, then we will know how many parts you need to order each time and demand for recent 5 years, it is very useful for us to design and offer most suitable injection mold and price for you.

Compression mold advantage to make family mold:

Compression mold  can be used to produce silicone, NPR, EPDM and natural rubber etc. thermoset plastic parts.

It is also possible to make family compression mold. The advantage difference compare to injection mold to make family most is that you do not mind if you need to put same color parts in one shots, even if you have different colors for family compression mold, you still have the unit price advantage.


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