Drawing format for quotation


  • If you offer STL drawing, it is okay to quote the SLA prototype.
  • Also it is possible to offer the casting prototype. If you need to make casting prototype, the quantities should be more than two sets, otherwise there is no advantage compare to SLA and CNC machining prototype.
  • If you offer STL to let us to offer casting prototypes, it is too expensive. We will not offer this.

STEP, IGES, X_T, UG9.0, Solidworks 2014

  • One of these drawing format is the best to input into SEASKYTOOLING for :
  • CNC machining prototype,
  • SLA prototype,
  • Plastic casting prototype,
  • Mold quotation,
  • Unit price,
  • Mold design,
  • Mold manufacturing,
  • Silicone mold quotation,
  • Silicone parts unit price,
  • Silicone mold manufacturing,
  • Silicone parts manufacturing,
  • Compression molding,
  • Extrusion,
  • Machining etc.

If you have other drawing format, we should discuss if we can input for production.

2D drawing format in DWG, JPG, JPEG, PDF etc. with dimensions.

It is okay to offer quotation for export mold.

If you can offer part weight, we can offer mold cost and unit price. Please pay attention have your drawing to show all of structure of your product.

What drawing we will offer to you after production

All of drawings including production parameter used for production, we can offer to you to assure you can do:

  • modification,
  • correction,
  • move mold out of SEASKYTOOLING,
  • input production in your own plant,
  • build new mold etc.

Just let us know what drawing format you prefer, we can offer.

You can also review below page to know more for our quotation process:

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