Copy plastic products with plastic samples

 Copy plastic products in SEASKYTOOLING China molding manufacturerOffer plastic products price based on pictures

  • Copy plastic products with your plastic samples.
  • Plastic products design based on your plastic product samples
  • Plastic prototype making
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Plastic injection mold manufacturing
  • 14+ years for international market for above
  • Global shipping service

What we need to copy plastic products?Copy plastic products with samples

  • Plastic product samples
  • Your special requirement for your plastic products
  • Your modification requirement on the plastic samples
  • Plastic resin used for your plastic products
  • If you do not know the plastic resin, let us know, we will have the chemical test to know the resin
  • Surface finishing for plastic products
  • Your order quantities for plastic product each order
  • Your mold life

What you need to offer for copying plastic products inquiry?

Solution one for copying plastic products inquiry

  • Offer plastic samples picture with dimensions
  • Weight your plastic product
  • Plastic samples picture should be took with different view beside ruler
  • Dimensions for plastic samples offer will be preferred
  • Specify the resin of plastic products
  • Tell us how many piece you need for plastic products each order
  • Tell us the mold life
  • Tell us if you need have modification based on current plastic samples

Solution two for copying plastic products inquiryPlastic products manufacturer

  • Offer plastic samples directly
  • You can ship the samples by Express
  • Offer the resin type of plastic samples or let us to test samples to know resin type, just tell us what you prefer.
  • Tell us how many piece you need for the plastic products
  • To specify surface finishing requirement for plastic products is preferred
  • Tell us the mold life

Remark for export mold for copying plastic products

Export mold is the mold to make the production in your pointed location but not in SEASKYTOOLING (our China molding factory). It is like you will have the third party  or your own factory outside of China to have the plastic products injection molding.

You need to offer the information as above, but you do not need to offer how many piece you need to order each time.

You also need to tell us mold life.

 Remark for family mold for copying plastic products 

Family mold is to have your various plastic products in one mold.

Key feature for family mold
  • Runner switch to control which plastic product will be produced
  • Not put too many plastic products in one mold
  • Too many plastic products in one mold make the injection molding difficult
  • Too many plastic products in one mold have the injection machine bigger
  • Too many plastic products in one mold makes the unit price expensive if you do not need to product them together
  • Choose the plastic products cavity quantities based your dosage for your final products
  • Family mold is most saving once you have good design based on your demand
  • Offer enough information to have your injection molder to consider the family mold design and quotation.

Optimize your family mold design to save cost

  • Offer your order quantities each time and each product for your injection molder
  • Offer your estimated maximum whole demand for each product for your injection molder
  • Tell your injection molder to have economic mold manufacturing solution

More about family mold, you can also review family mold on


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