Choose molded logo or printing logo for plastic parts

What is molded logo ?

Molded logo manufacturing process is to engrave the logo on plastic injection mold. Then molded plastic parts with logo directly without secondary process.

What is printing logo?

The printing logo manufacturing process is to have pad printing or silk-screen printing or painting process to manufacture the logo on plastic molded parts. It is the secondary process.

Molded logo VS printing logo

Molded logo is cheaper than the printing logo thanks to molded logo is the process to injection the plastic parts with logo without the secondary process.

With printing process, you can print various color for your own logo. If you need to have different color for your logo compare to your plastic parts, you had better to choose the printing logo.

On the molded logo, you can also choose the different color for your logo, you have use the two shot color injection or over molding process what is too expensive.

You can also use molded logo with printing logo to have your beautiful logo, you can engrave your logo first, then you can painting your logo or printing your logo on the logo engraving area. Sure this is more expensive.

Till now you should understand the molded logo is the cheapest solution to make your logo on mass production.

During your production, you can choose the logo manufacturing process based on your purpose. There is more logo manufacturing process, you can inquiry your molding supplier. Anyhow SEASKYTOOLING offer the solution based on your demand for the logo manufacturing. Also we can be your consultant to choose the logo manufacturing process even if the whole products manufacturing.

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