China plastic injection molding solution

Plastic injection molding productWe will talk about a few details to have the plastic molded products manufacturing in China. We will have a few guides here to help you to do China plastic injection molding. You will also know the advantage and disadvantage to have the plastic manufacturing in China. Then you can choose to have China plastic injection molding or not have China plastic injection molding.

China plastic injection mold manufacturing

We should talk about the cost for China plastic injection mold making first, the mold cost including the steel cost, mold base, manufacturing cost and labor cost.


China plastic injection mold steelPlastic moulds steel

There are lots of subsidiary company of the worldwide sale plastic mould steel in China such ASSAB, DAIDO and SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH etc. Normally the mold steel you can bought in North America and Europe, you can also buy in China.

Also China have lots of qualified plastic mould steel supplier such as LKM, Baosteel, HBIS and Fushun Special Steel etc. These steel factories also have long term history and biggest steel factory in China. Normally they have more exhibition to instruct their products, they did not have lots of experience to sale the steels on the web. To be honest the steel factory’s customers is normally not on the web.  So the consumer in North America and Europe did not understand the China mold steel factory.

Normally the China local mold steel is commonly and widely used for very large plastic injection mold manufacturing for automotive mold manufacturing and large consumption goods etc.

You can download mold steel list and review more information on our injection plastic mold steel and plastic injection mold base page.

China plastic injection mold base

Pin point gate injection mold base

China have one of four mold base manufacturer LKM founded on 1975. Most of plastic injection mold importer from Europe and North America should be know this company very well.  In LKM, they offer standard mold base as LKM standard, also they can offer custom standard plastic mold base. But the custom mold base is much more expensive than the LKM standard, this is the reason why there is lots of custom mold standard mold base supplier in China.  More than 30 years developing of modern  mold industry in China, there are lots of qualified China mold base company, China mold steel company and China mold manufacturers as well as professional mold industry practitioners.


Plastic injection mold manufacturing machineCNC machinie

In China there is also easy to import the high technique mold manufacturing machine such CNC, EDM machine and low speed wire cutting machine wordwide machine company. In China including Taibei, there are a lots qualified plastic injection mold manufacturing machine such as TopeEDM , YCM , Victor CNC and Takisawa CNC etc.

In China mainland, there are also lots of CNC machine supplier such as SMTCL CNC and Harvest Star etc.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing labor cost

As China education developing, there are more and more university student join into the plastic injection mold and plastic product manufacturing engineering. There is more worker to compete with the others to get the mold company mold engineering position. The month salary today is reduced 50% compare to the the engineering month salary on 2000. The salaries of the EDM, CNC machine and wire cutting machine operation and technician is also reduced a lot accordingly.

But you heard that China salary is increased every year, why above is not the same. Yes, you are right, the common worker and operator’s salary is increased every year, but this is not the technician to manufacture injection mold.

China plastic injection mold quality

From a few decades development, China mold manufacturing is very full-blown industry in the world, the quality is very competitive. There is also four major mold manufacturing industry location in China. Zhejiang province import and join into the mold manufacturing and plastic product development, but the Guangdong province make the plastic injection mold manufacturing quality much more stable, and make the mold manufacturing with large standard manufacturing  and produced lots mold industry technician.


Plastic injection mold shipping from China to international

Today, the plastic injection mold shipping is most advantage than before. In China and HongKong, there are lots shipping forwarder handle the shipping service for manufacturers. Also your local market also have lots of shipping forwarder coordinate with China shipping forwarder to handle the shipping.

The plastic mold shipping is very convenience for all of manufacturers and importer. You just need to find the forwarder to prepare the goods, the commercial invoice and custom declare and cleaning document, sure you should check the shipping progress with express company or shipping forwarder.

Plastic molds and plastic products shipping solution

China plastic injection mold manufacturing advantage and disadvantage

I think you should have a clue for advantage and disadvantage once reading above China plastic injection mold manufacturing. Anyhow as the internet developing, the plastic injection mold manufacturing and plastic product manufacturing competition is not between China and USA and China and Europe etc. It is global competition, every injection mold factory in the world who have the on-line marketing, then they will be the competitor with you. It is not that you would not like to purchase oversea, it is that you should have your plastic products with competition in the world.  As my point of view, I think all of the Country have the good and competitive mold factory, you just need to choose the mold manufacturers suitable for you.

China mold manufacturing advantage is not just on the plastic injection mold manufacturing factory, is also based on China education, China plastic injection mold manufacturing machine, China culture and China open and reforming development etc. It is like a compositive competition.


China plastic injection molding solution

I think you should be interested if you have China plastic injection molding or not and if there is advantage. We should also consider the cost, lead time, quality, communication and service etc. Then we will talk about this.

China plastic injection molding cost

China plastic manufacturing solutionWe should the plastic injection molding cost including the resin cost, labor cost, injection mold machine cost( unit cost per shot) scrappage and package cost. Then we should calculate the molding cost from these coefficient.

Plastic injection molding resin cost

Different get the plastic resin with different resin cost.

  •  The difference is from different resin cost supplier,
  • Different tax to take and difference VAT to undertake and return(this just affect the plastic molding for the production that you will use more than one ton resin)
  • Use same plastic resin but different brand, you did not specify this.
  • Use different resin to quote but you did not specify this
China plastic raw material manufacturerChina plastic molding solution

There are lots of China plastic raw material supplier such as Chimei, you can use these resin if it will not affect your plastic product quality, these resin can be cheaper than the resin from North America and Europe.

Also there are lots of resin supplier have the production base in China such as SABIC, Polyone and LG etc.  All of these make the plastic resin is similar or cheaper than the resin in North America and Europe.

 China plastic injection molding machineChina plastic injection molding solution

There are also lots of China plastic injection molding machine supplier such as HaiTian, Yizumi and Chenhsong etc. They offer reasonable and high quality plastic injection molding machine. This is also the advantage of China plastic injection molding.


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