Plastic injection mould steel

Choose right mould steel for injection mold makingPlastic injection mould steel

Last year I wrote a post for how to choose the mold steel. Today we will have a few example to help you to choose the mould steel easily.

For the plastic resin such as PP, ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, Nylon and PBT etc.  and mold shot lower than 3,000,000shots.

For export mold, mold in your country for production.

Small common mold core and cavity steel:

For general products such as electronic product enclosure, plastic cup, plastic bottle and plastic bracket etc.We can choose P20 (1.2311) or P20+Ni or P20 Mod, P20 modified.etc. Based on economic consideration and smaller molds( core and cavity block lower than 500x500x200), you can choose LKM 738H.

Large exprot mold core and cavity steel:

If it the core and cavity is too big, especially the mold size is close 1 meter and core and cavity is solid on A, B plate,  you can choose more economical mold steel such as Baosteel SWP20, WY 718H or Baosteel SW718H. If it is nylon with glass fill products without lots of ribs, you can choose the economical steel and chrome plate the steel.

Production mold in China

SEASKYTOOLING take responsibility for the mold core and cavity steel to assure your mold life.

For resin with glass fill (export or non export)

If your production quantities is lower than 10000 shots, you can consider to use China local P20 for core and cavity.

If you could choose H13, 2344 from LKM for core and cavity.

If it is long term production mold and too much glass fiber, you could choose S7 for core and cavity and use P20 for A, B plate, ejection plate of mold base.

For transparent product but it not lens:

You could choose LKM 420(h) for core and cavity. Even if it is SPI A3 finishing, you could choose LKM 420 through hardness steel.

For transparent lens:

SEASKYTOOLING suggest to use stainless trhough hardness steel for core and cavity such as S136(HRC 48-52).

For PVC mold core and cavity:

SEASKYTOOLING suggest to use LKM 2316 (h) for core and cavity, this steel is developed for PVC injection mold.

If you consider the economical selection,  you could choose LKM 2083 with chrome plate.

For very low volume mold core and cavity, lower than 1000shots,

You could choose S50C/1050/1.1730 for core and cavity, but your product should not be mirror polishing.

If it is small mold, please do not mind what steel you could choose, it will not affect a lot of mold cost.

Metal machining parts-aluminum

Machining parts manufacturing inquiry tips in China

What you should offer to inquiry metal machining parts manufacturing?Metal machining parts supplier

  • Metal material.( You can check the material on our metal machining parts page)
  • Quantities you will order each time.
  • Surface finishing such as anodizing, painting and powdercoat etc.
  • For aluminum anodizing, you should specify the color and quantities for each color.
  • 2D drawing
  • 3D drawing
  • If it is simple metal parts, you can just offer the 2D drawing with close dimension chain.
  • If it is very complex metal parts, you had better offer the 3D drawing.

 How to have competitive price and reliable supplier?

You should understand this if the long lead time, hard communication and poor quality, it is expensive.

How can we understand this supplier is reliable before orders? Qualified supplier normally have below.Metal machining parts manufacturer

  • Qualified metal machining supplier normally have the professional communication with you.
  • Reply you in time all the time. Reply in hours, not in days or week or no response. Otherwise the supplier is not interested in your inquiry or too poor project management.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Have professional engineer work together with you, speak in English.
  • Prepared documents to explain what you did not know. This will assure you get the answers very quickly every time.
  • Improve all the time based on customer demand and high efficiency work as well as quality and service.

Your potential qualified metal machining supplier also have below:Metal machining parts-aluminum

  • Qualified metal machining supplier normally have long term relationship customers.
  • Your competitor normally use the reliable metal machining supplier.
  • Your competitor may nill you know their reliable supplier.
  • Your every competitor scramble for reliable metal machining supplier.
  • Most of your qualified metal machining supplier normally have enough orders and have skills to control how many orders they need.
  • The best qualified metal machining supplier with favorite price maybe is the one just joint into the qualified supplier group.
  • The best qualified metal machining supplier maybe is the one your competitor did not occupied.

To find the best supplier chain and have the skills to control it will make your more successful and powerful.