Plastic mold shipping

Plastic injection mold shipping tips

What information you should request for plastic mold shipping from you China mold supplier?

You should ask for the plastic mold package information such as mold size, mold weight and mold package box size and commercial invoice. The mold package box should be used plywood material, this will save lots of paper work and inspection as well as time compare to use fumigation wooden box. Normally for the export mold, your supplier should offer the FCA trade term at list, then you can have your forwarder for the shipping. Sure some of mold makers will offer the mold shipping servive such as SEASKYTOOLING Group Limited.

If  the trade term is FOB or FCA, the package information and commercial invoice have to be offered to your shipping forwarder.

What kind of job you should ask your supplier to support if it is FCA trade term or FOB trader term?

Your plastic mold factory should offer the custom declare document for China custom and ship the molds to the warehouse what your forwarder booked for you.  Normally China custom need the plastic mold picture, this should be prepared otherwise it is too bad to disassemble the box in the warehouse located in custom.

 If there is any good shipping forwarder suggest?

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Tips for plastic mold CIF trade term

For the CIF trade term, China mold supplier will offer the plastic mold to the port of consignee. Sure your China mold factory will offer all of the service on FOB and transport the molds to your pointed port and undertake the risky during the transport. Sure you should have your forwarder or your company to clean the custom in your port located where your goods arrived.

Tips for plastic mold DDU trade term

This is the simple solution for you to purchase plastic mold as your China mold supplier will make the mold and ship the mold to your pointed location or your mold plant. But you should pay the custom duty what your government charge you.

Tips for plastic mold DDP trade term.

This is most convenience solution for you to import injection mold. Your China mold supplier will make injection mould and ship the mold to your pointed location or your mold plant, also help you pay for the import custom duty.


Plastic product manufacturer

Plastic product shipping

SEASKYTOOLING is plastic product manufacturer in China offer plastic mold manufacturing and plastic product molding production, we can also help customer to handle the plastic product shipping from China to your factory.

Also customers can choose your own forwarder for plastic product shipping 

What we will provide for the plastic product shipping? 

We will provide the following information for plastic product shipping:

Plastic product package information such as box size, box quantities, weight per each box, total weight, total volume etc.

If it is FOB trade term and sea freight, we will provide the package information, commercial invoice, custom declared document and transport the plastic product (goods) to your pointed warehouse in Shenzhen.

If it is  FOB trade term and air freight, we will offer  we will provide the package information, commercial invoice, custom declared document and transport the plastic product (goods) to your pointed warehouse in Shenzhen. 

For the EXW trade term and express shipping, we will also offer  the package information, commercial invoice and custom declared document 

For the CIF trade term, we will provide the package information, commercial invoice, custom declared and transport the plastic product (goods) to your port.

For the DDU trade term, we will provide the package information, commercial invoice, custom declared, custom cleaning and transport the plastic product (goods) to your factory or your pointed location in your country or area.

For above, we will provide more information and service to make our customers convenience. 

If your product have the famous logo such as HONDA, RICH, BOSCH Apple and Samsung etc.  on product or package, you have to offer the certificate of authorization

How can I speed up the shipping if I use my forwarder for the plastic product shipping?

Normally customers used the owned forwarder cause some of delay and mistakes.  We have following suggestion to speed up the job and make it 100% correct. Please have your forwarder information with company name, company address, contact person cell phone( at least Telephone) and contact person email etc.

Some of customers is not the end user, but the end user offer the forwarder for the shipping, please do not hesitate to ask the forwarder details contact information. After Seasky team get this, we will contact with the forwarder to confirm the shipping.

Sometimes, the forwarder have time difference, this is one of the reason why our shipping is always faster than customers forwarder.