Manufacture Technique

Choose molded logo or printing logo for plastic parts

What is molded logo ?

Molded logo manufacturing process is to engrave the logo on plastic injection mold. Then molded plastic parts with logo directly without secondary process.

What is printing logo?

The printing logo manufacturing process is to have pad printing or silk-screen printing or painting process to manufacture the logo on plastic molded parts. It is the secondary process.

Molded logo VS printing logo

Molded logo is cheaper than the printing logo thanks to molded logo is the process to injection the plastic parts with logo without the secondary process.

With printing process, you can print various color for your own logo. If you need to have different color for your logo compare to your plastic parts, you had better to choose the printing logo.

On the molded logo, you can also choose the different color for your logo, you have use the two shot color injection or over molding process what is too expensive.

You can also use molded logo with printing logo to have your beautiful logo, you can engrave your logo first, then you can painting your logo or printing your logo on the logo engraving area. Sure this is more expensive.

Till now you should understand the molded logo is the cheapest solution to make your logo on mass production.

During your production, you can choose the logo manufacturing process based on your purpose. There is more logo manufacturing process, you can inquiry your molding supplier. Anyhow SEASKYTOOLING offer the solution based on your demand for the logo manufacturing. Also we can be your consultant to choose the logo manufacturing process even if the whole products manufacturing.

Injection molding part

How to make your own plastic parts

Whole answers for how to make your own plastic parts.

Answers in mind to make your own plastic parts( first step to consider to make your own plastic parts)

Once you find this page, you should have some of plastic parts to make. Before to find the solution and supplier to make the plastic parts. We should figure out following question by yourself:

  • How many plastic parts you need?
  • What kind of secondary process you need for the plastic parts such as painting, plate, assembly and package etc.
  • Surface finishing like texture and polishing.
  • Your own plastic parts function and application

Why to have answers for above question before making your own plastic parts:

For plastic parts quantities:

Injection molding part

Injection molding part

This will help to you to choose the right solution to make the plastic parts.

For examples, if you need 1 sets of plastic parts. You may choose the CNC machining or 3D printing to make your own plastic parts. It should be most reasonable solution to make plastic parts. If you need 5 sets of plastic parts, you may choose the plastic casting process to make the plastic parts. If you need the 5000 sets plastic parts, you should choose to make the steel mold to have mass production for plastic parts manufacturing, there are lots of mass plastic parts manufacturing production such as blow molding, extrusion, injection molding, thermoform and compression molding etc.

On the prototype manufacturing process(the process you need to make a few piece to test plastic parts or just for your  own), you should also consider the plastic parts structure to make the plastic parts. If you need know this more, you should understand each manufacturing process of prototyping.

On the mass production, sure you should also choose the reasonable and suitable solution to make plastic parts. You should consider the plastic part structure, plastic parts quality, surface finishing and secondary process etc, then to choose right solution to make your own plastic parts.

For the secondary process:

You should consider the plastic parts manufacturing solution based on your secondary process. For examples, for some of raw material such as PP and PE etc., it is no good to have painting.  Also some of your plastic parts manufacturer limit on the secondary manufacturing process and they do not have capability to outsource, then you should find the secondary process by yourself or you have to change manufacturer.

For surface finishing:

You had to consider this before to choose the plastic parts manufacturing process. For examples, if you need transparent plastic parts with injection molding, then you should choose the transparent resin to make plastic parts. Then you should consider the mold steel to use 420 stainless steel to make the core and cavity, then you have perfect and high quality mirror polishing mold, then it is possible to have the transparent parts made.

For plastic parts function and application

You had better to tell your plastic parts manufacturer the plastic parts function and application.  Then you have one more party to consider the cost saving, lead time,  quality and risky etc. together with you. Sure your professional plastic parts manufacturer will also consider the whole design and production for your own plastic parts, you will save time and have less risky for your plastic parts manufacturing.

Regarding that how to make your own plastic parts, the easy answers is that you should understand each of plastic parts manufacture process, then you have reasonable and suitable solution. If you are not going to spend too much time to learn that, you should find a suitable supplier to support you.

Regarding various plastic parts manufacture process, we also share on our blog, you can search what you are interesting to know more. Also we will appreciate your comment to share more.

Prototype injection molding

Prototype injection molding:Prototype plastic molding

Prototype injection mold is the trial mold to make small quantities plastic parts production, normally the quantities is less than 10,000 pcs. SEASKYTOOLING offer prototype injection mold manufacturing and prototype injection molding for global market.

Steel for prototype injection mold manufacturing:

Prototype injection mold core and cavity steel is chosen based on your plastic part quantities, plastic resin and plastic product structure:

  • The lower quantity, the cheaper core and cavity steel,
  • The more rigid resin or more wearing(like nylon with glass fiber) or corrosive resin, the more expensive steel,
  • Normally we can choose S50C(1050), aluminum and P20 steel for the prototype core and cavity, sure you can also choose another steel. In China there is also cheaper 420 stainless steel for the corrosive resin molding. You can download our mold steel list to know more for steel for mold manufacturing.

Prototype injection molding resin:

You should also choose the resin for mass injection molding production to have the prototype injection molding. then you can get the real plastic parts like the mass production on the prototyping process.

Why you need to make prototype injection mold?Prototype injection molding

  • Normally for the really huge injection molding project, you choose the prototype injection molding to assure your investing is safe.
  • If you plastic product is complex and you have no 100% confidence to have a good shot, you should consider the prototype injection molding.
  • Also prototype injection molding is one of the fast manufacturing process to have the plastic samples.
  • You can invest low cost to have plastic parts production to test your market. If so, you have to pay more attention on the core and cavity steel selection as this kind of prototype injection molding is not one time production.

Prototype injection mold manufacturing lead time:

Normally prototype injection mold is one cavity mold, sure you choose the family mold. The lead time for prototype injection mold is from 10 days to 30 days, there will be more time is your plastic product is complex.

How to choose prototype injection molding and prototype injection mold manufacturing supplier in China?

You should also choose the plastic injection mold supplier to make your prototype injection mold, but not the prototype manufacturing factory. Normally in China the prototype manufacturing factory business is to make plastic prototype by using plastic casting, machining, 3D printing, SLA and SLS etc. Sure there is just a few prototype manufacturing factory have injection mold making capacity.

You can also choose the have mold manufacturer to make the prototype injection mold to move to your plant for the injection molding, please ask your China mold supplier if you they can export the mold to you before you start to purchase the prototype injection mold.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK

Seasky Tooling provide plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK customer, also we offer plastic molding manufacturing. We offer plastic injection mold manufacturing and plastic molding service covered below appliance.Plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK

  • Automotive appliance
  • Electrical & electronic
  • Instrument gauge
  • Home appliances
  • Printer copier
  • Household appliance
  • Industrials
  • Medical appliances & device 
  • Communication appliances etc.


Key feature for the plastic injection mold manufacturing for UKPlastic injection mold UK

  • HASCO standard mold base
  • HASCO standard mold components such ejection pin, latch lock, side lock and cooling connectors etc.
  • Hydro-cylinder with Parker, AHP MerkleHP SYSTEMS or local standard.
  • Just purchase mold steel from qualified mold steel supplier such as ASSAB, LKM, DAIDO, SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH, Finkl and  Schmiedewerke Gröditz Etc.
  • You can choose HASCO or LKM mold base for mold manufacturing. We can use HASCO standard components for mold base.
  • Mold base certification and mold steel certification
  • Design For Manufacture analysis before the mold making to find out all of possible issue for your plastic product design
  • Mold flow simulation analysis before plastic mold making to find out all of possible issue of your plastic product design and find best solution for plastic mold design.
  • Injection molding parameter report and samples inspection report submit with plastic samples
  • Weekly report with picture for plastic mold manufacturing progress
  • Project manager who speak English work together with you, most of project manager with more than ten years experience for mold industry

Documents for plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK, offered to customer after mold finish

  • 2D Mold Drawing
  • 3D Mold Drawing
  • 3D Part Drawing
  • Mold steel certification
  • Mold base certification
  • Heat treatment certification
  • EDM drawing
  • Mold Photos
  • Mold Trial Video
  • Molding Report
  • QA Report



Tips for plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK

You can review our plastic injection mold quotation post to improve your plastic injection mold manufacturing inquiry and have the communication faster and make competition for your plastic mold manufacturing.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK Trade Term

  • EXW, FCA ShenZhen, FOB ShenZhen, FOB HongKong, CIF, DDU

Plastic injection molding manufacturing for UK

  • We Specialize in various resin molding such as, PMMA, ABS, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Acrylic, Acetal, Nylon , Nylon with glass fill, PBT, ASA, PVC, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, Elastomers, PPO etc.
  • Plastic injection molding parts color refer to RAL or Pantone or your samples
  • Secondary process: Painting, silk-screen printing, ultrasonic welding, adhesive, package and assembly etc.
  • No MOQ (minimum order quantitties) for plastic injection molding manufacturing for UK.


Brass nut insert plastic molding

Insert plastic molding solution:

Insert plastic molding is a injection molding process to have inserts as below to have over molding process.Insert plastic molding-metal fasteners

  • Aluminum, copper, and stainless steel inserts;
  • Knurled inserts;
  • Metal shafts insert;
  • Threaded brass;
  • Metal fasteners;
  • Color options plastic inserts.

What kind of resin you can use for insert plastic molding:

There are lots of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic resin can be used for insert plastic molding such as :

  • ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, PVC, TPE, TPU, TPV and ASA etc. thermoplastic resin
  • Bakelite, Silicone, NBR and EPDM etc. thermoset resin

Insert injection molding guideline:Metal inserts overmolding

Insert injection molding is similar as plastic injection molding, but there is a over molding process to have the plastic over molding on the metal inserts. You can review and understand the common injection molding  on

On the insert plastic molding plastic product design process, you should consider plastic molding process and make it is easier for work and cost saving

  • Please make sure it is possible and easier to put the insert into the injection mold for injection production
  • Assure that it is possible and easier to take out the overmolded plastic parts from the mold
  • If you need to have robot to put the insert into mold and take out the overmolded part from mold, please consider this on the mold design. You had Brass nut insert plastic moldingbetter consider this with your plastic product designer on the insert molded plastic part designing process.
  • Please make sure the time to put the inserts into plastic injection mold is shorter than the time of resin plasticizing time. Otherwise there will yellow color on transparent part and changing the resin performance.
  • You can use fixture or robots to put the inserts into plastic injection mold to short the cycle time of injection molding if it is mass production.
  • Consider the fitting between the inserts and mold carefully to make sure that there is no flashing and mold inserts is not easier to be broken.
  • Make the separated mold inserts on the insert fitting area. Then it is easier to change if it is broken, then you do not need to change the whole core or cavity in case of fitting area is broken.
  • Insert injection molding machine is the same as the common injection molding machine.

How to control the cost the insert plastic molding cost?Metal insert plastic injection molding

On the insert injection molding guideline, we already have the solution to control cost. We will have some of summary here

  • To short the lead time of insert  injection molding on big quantities insert plastic molding production, you can use fixture or robots to short the time to put the insert into the mold.
  • If you would like to have the insert plastic molding for small quantities production, you do not need to consider the robots or complex fixtures to put the inserts.
  • If the time to put the inserts into the mold longer than the rein plasticizing time, you have to consider to use fixture or robots to short the time to put the inserts into plastic mould.

How to inquiry insert plastic molding production to get the competitive price and short the communication with your China mold supplier?

  • Prepare both  inserts drawing and overmolded inserts plastic product drawing for your China mold supplier.
  • Normally all of China mold supplier can accept the 2D drawing in DWG , PDF and JPEG format and 3D drawing in IGES, STEP and X_T format.
  • Tell your China mold supplier how many quantities you need to order each time.
  • Tell your Chna mold factory insert plastic injection mold life.
  • Specify how many color and what color is for the plastic product, if you need multiple color, just tell them.
  • Most of China mold company know the Pantone and RAL color reference.
  • For more information for plastic manufacturing inquiry tips, please kindly review our quotation category.
Electronic clear plastic enclosure manufacturing

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution

We will talk about clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution from the design to the manufacturing on this post. We will show you the normal clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution, also it is the cost saving and safety solution.

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics designClear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics design is similar as the common plastic enclosures design, but you had better to have simple structure inside as possible as the structure inside of the clear plastic enclosures can be saw.  We should consider the mold ejection during clear plastic enclosures design as the worse ejection will leave the ejection pin mark insider of the clear plastic enclosure, it can be saw.

We should consider if we need ejection plate for ejection or ejection pin for ejection during the design, ejection plate for ejection will not leave the ejection mark on the clear enclosure, but we can not have lots of ribs inside of the clear enclosure, otherwise it is not possible to release the part from the mold.  Ejection pin ejection will leave the ejection pin mark on the clear enclosure, we should consider a good position to locate the ejection pin to make sure it affect the cosmetic issue as less as possible.

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics prototype manufacturing solution

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics prototype can be manufactured with plastic casting, CNC machining and SLA prototyping process. We should consider the clear plastic enclosures structure to choose the clear plastic enclosures prototype manufacturing solution. For more, please kindly review our post “Transparent plastic prototype manufacturing” .

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics mold manufacturing solution

Core and cavity steel for clear plastic enclosures for electronics mold manufacturingElectronic clear plastic enclosure manufacturing

This is very important to start the clear plastic enclosures for electronics mold. If you choose the wrong steel, you will waste money and time, sure you will have lots of trouble and have lots of wrong work.

1, If you order quantities is very low, something like 1000pcs each time and total demand is less than 10,000 pcs, you can consider normal steel such as P20, 2311, 2312 and 738 etc. preharden and non-stainless steel.

2, If you demand is more than 10,000pcs, we have to use through hardness 420 stainless steel.  We always suggest to use 420 stainless steel to have the good quality and save time on the polishing times.  Please kindly noted that there are lots of kinds of 420 stainless from different steel supplier.

The other things we should noted on the clear plastic enclosures for electronics mold manufacturing

  • Running the mold flow and have the design for manufacture for clear plastic enclosures to find out if there is possible on flow and injection
  • Use the inserts for the core and cavity as possible as the insert change will save cost than to change a whole cavity or core, please noted plastic make sure this will not affect the cosmetic surface.
  • No welding on the surface core and cavity, otherwise it will be possible to see the defect on the molded clear plastic enclosures.
  • Be careful to manufacture each components of core and cavity, if you made mistake, the remedial measure will less than the common mold.
  • Choose the master to finish the polishing, not save cost on the polishing otherwise you will pay more
  • Check the mold polishing surface before the mold trial

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics molding production

  • You should have same strict quality control for the molding for this kind of molding. But you should pay more attention as below:
  • Clear plastic enclosures surface
  • Clear plastic enclosures welding line check
  • Protect the clear plastic enclosures, you can use the plastic polypropylene sheet to cover the clear plastic enclosures, normally you can buy this common plastic sheet, you can told your plastic sheet supplier this is to use for clear plastic part surface protection. You never use the PVC sheet to protect the clear plastic enclosures, it will make the surface very bad.




SLA rapid prototype

Transparent plastic prototype manufacturing

There are a few process to have transparent plastic prototype manufacturing as following:

  • CNC machining process with PMMA
  • Plastic casting process
  • SLA process
  • 3D printing

We can choose transparent plastic prototype manufacturing process based on your demand such as qualities, use and function etc.

CNC transparent plastic prototype manufacturing

This is common widely use transparent plastic prototype manufacturing process. If you need high quality transparent plastic prototype such as plastic lenses, transparent cover and transparent enclosure, transparent enclosure and transparent led lamp enclosure etc. You can choose PMMA CNC machining process.

Sure it is also okay to machining with polycarbonate , but the polishing process is more difficult to control than PMMA, we did not suggest to use this resin to make transparent plastic prototype for  lens or high smooth transparent part.

Plastic casting process

This process to make the RTV silicone mold to cast plastic prototype. You can lean more from our another blog, post is plastic casting prototype . You can also review resin casting on

Plastic casting transparent prototype can be polished too, but it still worse than PMMA CNC machining prototype.

This process can make transparent plastic prototype, the material is not really resin what we used for injection molding, it is cast two kinds of liquid chemical compound into silicone mold to form plastic parts. If you need plastic parts with FDA, please do not consider this process.

Also plastic casting prototype surface finishing is worse than the PMMA CNC machining process, if you need high quality smooth transparent parts, please do not use this process.

Transparent plastic casting prototype is cheapest process to copy transparent parts. Also it can be copied complex transparent plastic prototypes.

SLA to have transparent plastic prototype

SLA rapid prototyping is a discrete layered, layer by layer stacking technology, the direct use of three-dimensional computer data is implemented as a prototype of the product, the more mature laser technology both SLA and SLS rapid prototyping, which the SLA the main material for the photosensitive resin.

SLA rapid prototype’s advantages:
A smooth surface, and good quality.
Forming high precision, and accuracy of 0.1mm;
Can be made very fine details and molding of thin-walled structures, high precision, easy post-processing.
Processing cycle is short, usually it is three days.

SLA transparent prototype manufacturing is weaker than the PMMA CNC machining prototype and transparent plastic casting prototype. Also it is more expensive than both of transparent prototypes. SLA transparent manufacturing process can have complex plastic prototype even if you have lots of undercuts.

3D printing transparent plastic prototype manufacturing

Here we just call the desktop 3D printing prototype. Generally, this process can not get a high quality smooth surface finishing transparent prototype. But the prototype is stronger than plastic casting one.

As the technique developing, we hope this process can be widely use to copy transparent plastic parts. Also right now this process is more expensive than plastic casting prototype manufacturing.

China custom plastic molding supplier

Turnkey solution to control plastic injection molding tolerance

There are lots of people are talking about that how to control the tolerance for plastic molding. I combine my experience with a few exporter who have more than 20 years experience for molding industry. I hope following information will be very useful for you.

What will affect the plastic injection molding tolerance

  • Plastic injection molding resin
  • Mold manufacturing & injection molding project management including engineers, sales & communication etc.
  • Plastic injection mold machining accurate
  • Mold design concept
  • Molding parameter
  • Injection molding machine quality including brand, local or import one
  • Injection molding machine selection including machine size, screw diameter, injection volume and clamping force etc.
  • Quality control including inspection of mold components, electrode and plastic products

First of all we talk about the mold manufacturing & injection molding project management

Lots of people miss to control this on the plastic product tolerance. This is first process we should control the tolerance. We should control from the samples if you are mold factory, if you are mold or plastic product buyer, you should control this on the information offer process.

What we should offer to mold manufacturing factory and molding factory or ask from buyer to control the tolerance?

Plastic product 2D drawing: There should be tolerance label for all of the dimensions. This is target what customer need to reach. If you have surface finishing and secondary process for this products, please offer this information on the 2D drawing. Also please throw away the habit to talk to your mold manufacturing supplier for this kind of requirement on email. If not, you have risky to have your supplier to miss information if the one you are working have no good project management.

Plastic product 3D drawing : Have this drawing to provide to your plastic mold maker, then they check the details of the plastic product on the drawing. Also if your good and professional mold supplier limited on the capability, they will reply you.

I suggest you to read plastic injection mold life on our blog to know more about that the mold life for the tolerance and cost. Normally the accurate mold should be made with through hardness core and cavity. Please offer mold life for mold manufacturer.

Above process is to control the plastic product tolerance during the quotation, this is the communication process, and is the basic process to have tolerance under control.

How SEASKYTOOLING to control the tolerance on the quotation process?

  • Lessons for all of the salesman to understand what we should ask from customer
  • what we should ask based on different customers
  • We clean individual cases up during our service, use this to help you and our salesman
  • We have easy understanding form to collect customer demand to our CRM
  • Professional engineers coordinate with salesman to check and study the information from you
  • Also most of salesman have mold engineer experience

Based on above, we make sure we can get the enough information from you to proceed the quotation and assure you have no risky to miss the tolerance control.

Control the tolerance on different plastic resin

This is one of most important process to control the tolerance.  Different resin on injection molding with different dimension even if it is the same injection mold due to different resin with different shrinkage.

For the POM, PP and PE etc resin, they have big shrinkage, it is more difficult to control tolerance than PC, ABS, Nylon with glass fiber and PC/ABS etc. Normally PC, ABS and ASA etc. plastic resin with shrinkage lower than 6 ‰ is easier to control a few dimensions with +/-0.02 mm, assure it is possible to control to more accurate tolerance for a few dimension. We do not suggest to use the high shrinkage resin to have accurate plastic parts.

Control the tolerance on plastic mold design process

This is one of whole process to check the information provide by customer and manufacture the information on plastic mold design and input on plastic mold factory for mold manufacturing. Your mold supplier should consider following for the mold design and even more than these:

  • Plastic resin shrinkage
  • Plastic product gate location
  • Safe steel for accurate dimensions
  • Use the inserts as possible for the accurate dimensions
  • Use the inserts as possible for the easy breaking feature of mold
  • Consider the suitable injection molding machine
  • Learn the plastic resin specification and input this on the mold design
  • Consider the molding parameter during the mold design
  • Prepare the solution to prevent the deform, short shot, burning etc. common issue during injection molding
  • Mold designer have full check list to check the mold design even if you think you are very  professional
  • Run the mold flow to test the mold design and plastic product design
  • Optimize the mold design and plastic product design

Control the tolerance on plastic mold manufacturing process

  • Choose the right process to manufacture plastic mold components
  • Inspect plastic mold components including the electrodes and mold inserts
  • Assure the plastic mold components is accurate
  • Relieve the stress for the large mold core, cavity or mold plates after manufacturing
  • Measure the plastic mold components and record
  • Inspect plastic products dimensions after injection molding trial and record
  • Measure deviated dimensions on the mold after mold trial. Find the clue to improve the dimensions on the mold
  • Choose the right injection machine according to your injection mold including choose the right screw of injection machine based on the resin and plastic part, clamping force, injection volume, Min-Max mould thickness and ejector stroke etc.
  • Record the molding parameter during mold trial, not only the parameter on the injection machine. You should also record the mold temperature, test the actual temperature of mold and set up temperature of injection machine.

Plastic injection molding tolerance control

If the mold is released for mass production, you should also control the tolerance of the injection molding parts. First of all you have to control the whole dimension, at least you should measure the biggest length,width and height of product. If this have no big change, this means your injection parameter should be correct probably.

Give more importance on the first 100 shots once you start the production. Once the mold running a few hours, the parameter should be not the same, you should check the tolerance, this is the reason why we suggest to check large size and accurate dimensions each hour. Please noted the mold trial is different as the production. Even if you got a good shot on mold trail, it is not the case you can get a good shot on long time production. Please check and record, you will learn lots of information.

Also you should measure the accurate dimension at least per hour to make sure it is correct. You can measure it more frequent based on your production quality control.

You should also check the following things during injection molding

  • Plastic injection molding parts color
  • Plastic injection molding parts surface finishing
  • Plastic injection molding parts small feature including ultrasonic welding line, small bosses, small posts and small ribs etc.

PVC injection molding

What is the PVC?PVC pipe connector manufacturing

It is Polyvinyl chloride polymer. It is thermoplastic resin with the cheapest cost.  Natural color is white or light yellow or translucent light yellow. PVC is one of most common resin using in the world.

Mechanical properties of PVC plastics depends on the relative molecular weight of polymer, plasticizer content and filler. In general, the filler content increase, decrease of tensile strength. Without the addition of plasticizer PVC is hard plastic. Adding plasticizer, softness, elongation and freeze resistance increased;  Tensile strength, glass transition temperature, brittleness and hardness, etc. are reduced

PVC began to soften at 65-85 ℃. 170 ℃ into began to viscous flow state.140 ℃ little decomposition, decomposition rate is increased with the increase of temperature, 190 ℃ produce a large amount of HCL gas. The chlorine content of PVC was as high as 56%, which has a flame retardant and Zixi; but also has good dielectric properties of electrical insulating materials, is excellent. In addition, PVC is a poor thermal stability of the polymer, can gradually break down to release HCl in optical and thermal effect, at the same time, oxygen, ozone, cyanogen chloride and some active metal (such as copper, zinc) ions, the degradation speed

PVC injection molding parts application

PVC injection molding parts used for plastic pipe fittings, electric socket, electric box, electric meter enclosure, shoe sole, automotive plastic part, electric product enclosure and construction plastic parts(window framer, plastic accories on window, tube connector and floor board) etc.

Tips for PVC injection mold quotation and inquiryPVC pipe fitting manufacturing

Choose the right steel for PVC injection mold, you should choose the corrosion prevention stainless steel due the there is a little HCL gaseous fluid during the PVC injection molding. Normally you can choose 420 SS.For big amount production, if you choose the LKM steel, we suggest you choose LKM 2316(h); For ASSAB steel, you can choose ASSAB S 136(h). Regarding the DAIDO steel, you can choose NAK80 . If you just need the make the prototype mold for PVC injection molding, you can choose still the S50C and aluminum. If you can not specify this, your mold supplier will offer big difference price on your price list.

Choose the right cavity for PVC injection molding, normally the cavity quantities is based on your mold life and your plastic product, you can also choose family mold for PVC mold. Sometimes you missed to specify this, you will get lots of big difference price from China mold company.  This is very easy to specify, you can review the mold life post to learn more. You can also ask your suppliers to consider the most economical solution for the cavity.

PVC plastic pipe connectorTell your China mold maker of the mold base steel and mold base specification(DME, HASCO or LKM or LKM EQV).  If you do not mind what kind of mold base. You can choose the LKM standard mold base thanks to this is the most economical and qualified solution for the mold base in China. For the mold base with HASCO and DME guide system and components, most of China mold supplier is custom made from the mold base company, the inferior strength is expensive and quality is not stable compare to the standard mold base.

Specify if you need hot runner system and brand. Normally for the famous hot runner system such as DME ,HASCO ,INCOE ,YUDO, Synventive, HUSKY, Mastip and MOLDMASTER etc. It is all available in China. But the cooperation between your China mold supplier and hot runner system provider is not the same. If you need the leave the mold in China for production, then your mold maker will consider this. Otherwise you should consider if you need to use hot runner to save the resin cost or your product need the hot runner to have better quality or your plastic product really need the hot runner as limited on the plastic product structure and mold design.

Plastic injection mould

Qualified mold supplier or just low cost mold supplier,Choice lead to succeed

Plastic injection mold making

Till now, I Hedy worked for mold manufacturing and molding international business 9 years. I discussed lots of inquiry with different customers. During the communication, I have the attitude to solve the problem of what customers faced with the other suppliers or offer hands to support for customers’ plastic product development. I also faced the situation what they ask the price lower than the plastic molding resin, but it is low probability to face the ask the price less than the mold steel.

I also understand sometimes you request the cost less than the resin cost for your product, normally you should choose some of equivalent resin to reach your demand or your plastic product, if there is no this kind of resin and your mold supplier offer the cost than the resin, then it is risky, then what kind of risky, one of reason maybe the molding supplier is talker.

I also hate someone to offer the high price and  himself believes that  their quality and lead time is the best. We are always to learn the solution the reduce the cost without affect the quality even if it is our competitor, we would like to learn.

What the qualified mold supplier can help you and what will be the qualified mold supplier?

Plastic injection mould

Qualified mold supplier always give importance on the details to improve the customer experience and have good time control!

Time is also the cost, lots of friends miss to evaluate this during the mold supplier audit.  We can not just evaluate the lead time on the quotation what the mould supplier offered. After the T1, the mold supplier also should have the very good capability and time control to improve the mold defect or have the mold modification.

The qualified mold supplier always give importance on  the details to short time, improve the quality and save time for customers. This is to improve the customer purchase experience. For example, qualified mold suppliers always reply your email on time and also mentioned what you missed to offer for them to proceed injection mold manufacturing or injection molding. Qualified mold company will always save your files and their files for the mold manufacturing and injection molding regularly, and it is easy and very fast to offer the document what you need. Qualified mold factory will always listen your suggestion or ask your suggestion or feedback to improve their service to support you.

Exchange information faster as time goes on for injection mold company

Exchange information including the exchange the ideals for your product, mold design and data and files as well as injection mold company inner management. These things will go faster and have to be like this. This is the time control on communication and quality.

For example, the ERP system is to reduce the repeat work, short the communication time, streamline and standardize working flow and make the date more useful etc. This is also to short the time.

Long term cooperation, companies have the choice to work together have long term cooperation.  The two company will understand each other for the product development, communication solution, mold design, mold manufacturing, qualify, lead time and shipping etc.  The time to understand each other save the time to communicate in future. The two company will be like one company. Deep cooperation and resource integration will make you and your company powerful.