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family plastic injection mold

Drawing format for quotation


  • If you offer STL drawing, it is okay to quote the SLA prototype.
  • Also it is possible to offer the casting prototype. If you need to make casting prototype, the quantities should be more than two sets, otherwise there is no advantage compare to SLA and CNC machining prototype.
  • If you offer STL to let us to offer casting prototypes, it is too expensive. We will not offer this.

STEP, IGES, X_T, UG9.0, Solidworks 2014

  • One of these drawing format is the best to input into SEASKYTOOLING for :
  • CNC machining prototype,
  • SLA prototype,
  • Plastic casting prototype,
  • Mold quotation,
  • Unit price,
  • Mold design,
  • Mold manufacturing,
  • Silicone mold quotation,
  • Silicone parts unit price,
  • Silicone mold manufacturing,
  • Silicone parts manufacturing,
  • Compression molding,
  • Extrusion,
  • Machining etc.

If you have other drawing format, we should discuss if we can input for production.

2D drawing format in DWG, JPG, JPEG, PDF etc. with dimensions.

It is okay to offer quotation for export mold.

If you can offer part weight, we can offer mold cost and unit price. Please pay attention have your drawing to show all of structure of your product.

What drawing we will offer to you after production

All of drawings including production parameter used for production, we can offer to you to assure you can do:

  • modification,
  • correction,
  • move mold out of SEASKYTOOLING,
  • input production in your own plant,
  • build new mold etc.

Just let us know what drawing format you prefer, we can offer.

You can also review below page to know more for our quotation process:

Plastic product manufacturing based your draft

Copy plastic products with plastic samples

Silicone keypad manufacturer

Silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution

What silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution SEASKYTOOLING have?Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer

  • SEASKYTOOLING use the compression molding process to manufacture silicone rubber parts.
  • This is simple mold with lower cost, which should be about 1/5 cost of injection even lower.
  • Generally the mold is like two plate with cavity and core on the two plate. During the production, the solid silicone will be put into the cavity. Then heat the mold to form the silicone rubber part.

Quick answers for silicone rubber parts manufacturing:

Is there samples charge cost?

There is no sample charge if you already pay the production mold, our mold cost normally include 10 sets of samples, if you have more, please specify before quotation.

Why there is no sample charge?

If you paid the mold cost, we should offer samples for your approval, samples is free till to your approval. Anyhow normally we can get your approval in one time based on our quality.

There is supplier did not charge me mold cost, can you offer mold with free charge?Silicone rubber part manufacturer

Your supplier already spreaded the mold cost to the unit price, also they have requirement for large MOQ and strict advance payment term.

What kind of payment term does SEASKYTOOLING offer?

SEASKYTOOLING accept hire purchase, you can pay 50% of mold cost to start to build the mold, once the mold is finished you pay balance.

For the production it is same. 50% of product cost as deposit, balance before shipment.

Can SEASKYTOOLING ship the parts to my warehouse in my Country?

Yes, we can ship to your warehouse.

Can I make different color for my silicone rubber parts?

Yes, you can make different color, the advantage of compressiona molding is to make different color without set up charge compare to injection molding.

 Is there any MOQ?

No MOQ, but you had better to produce 5000pcs to have price advantage. Sure, we also have a few order as 1000pcs.

Anyhow SEASKYTOOLING do want to support your sucess.

Plastic injection molding color pantone book

Plastic injection molding color quantities affect the unit pricePlastic injection molding color pantone book

During the plastic part development, if you choose the plastic injection molding process to manufacture plastic parts. You should understand  the more plastic injection molding color on the same production quantity is more expensive than one color production.

Why more expensive to order more colors?

Because there is additional cost during the multiple color production based on same quantity such as:

Mold set up charge include:

  • Labor cost to clean the plastic injection machine barrel to change color,
  • Pigment cost (inclue the labor cost to deploy pigment and pigment cost),
  • The labor cost and machine cost to shot samples to match your color samples.

Based on above to change color is silimar thing to set up the mold again to have production, this is the reason most of injection molder calculate the plastic parts unit price based on production quantities on each color but not the total quantities for whole colors.

How to optimize the plastic injection molding color to have competitive price?

  • Obviously, you can have less color. You can choose the best color to start our market and have more market inquiry to get what color will be best to start.
  • If it is family mold, you can put the same color on the same mold and consider the cavity quantites based on your dosage for the final assembly product.

You can understand more technique information on our below page:

Plastic parts color affect the injection mold layout

Plastic injection molding color

Plastic injection mould manufacturing China

Plastic parts color affect the injection mold layout

To consider the plastic parts color before mold layout will reduce the production cost and mold cost.

Why plastic parts color affect the plastic injection mold layout?Plastic injection mould manufacturing China

  • The common injection machine just shot one color and one kind of resin in one shot,
  • If you are going to make family mold, then you had better to consider to have same color plastic parts in one mold.
  • If you put different color plastic parts in one mold, this means that you should use the runner switch to shut off the different color plastic parts. This means that it is to build big mold but on the injection molding it can not be used for injection molding in one shot. If you just make hundreds of shots, this is a solution to reduce mold cost, but this solution is not good to reduce the production cost on mass production.

How we should consider the plastic parts color for injection mold layout?

Plastic injection mold multiple-cavity

Plastic injection mold multiple-cavity

  • Have same color plastic parts in one shot, sure it should be the same resin.
  • If you have possible color change, please let your mold maker or your mold layout designer know this, have them to optimize the mold layout.
  • You can review our injection mold cavity page and family mold page to understand more technique information to optimize the mold layout.



family plastic injection mold

Family mold to reduce the mold cost

What is family mold?

family plastic injection mold

Family plastic injection mold

Family mold is multiple cavity mold, but the plastic parts are different.

Why you need family mold?

  • Save mold cost and plastic unit price.
  • To shot different parts at one shot.

What you need to pay attention to purchase family mold?

If you need to have all of the parts at one shot:

  • Please make sure that all of your parts are same color and same resin.
  • Make sure there is no big difference on the height of the plastic parts, otherwise it maybe more expensive compare to the multiple cavity mold or single cavity mold.

Even if the plastic parts resin and colors are different. you can also consider to use family mold.Family injection mold

  • If so, you need to consider to use the runner switch to control the runner shut off or open.
  • Use the runner switch, you can control to produce one of the plastic parts or combine the parts whatever you want to produce or produce all of them.
  • But please noted that just same color and same resin plastic parts can be produced in one shots.
  • At right picture, you can see the runner switch in purple color.

Custom service in SEASKYTOOLING to make the family mold for you:

You will have no responsibly or risky to make the family mold thanks to we will optimize the family mold and control the quality.Family plastic mold

Also we can help you to make a decision what kind of family mold you need, you just need to tell us the demand of your plastic parts,  part usage per your one sets of products, colors and resin. You can also let us know know your marketing situation, then we will know how many parts you need to order each time and demand for recent 5 years, it is very useful for us to design and offer most suitable injection mold and price for you.

Compression mold advantage to make family mold:

Compression mold  can be used to produce silicone, NPR, EPDM and natural rubber etc. thermoset plastic parts.

It is also possible to make family compression mold. The advantage difference compare to injection mold to make family most is that you do not mind if you need to put same color parts in one shots, even if you have different colors for family compression mold, you still have the unit price advantage.


New injection mold

To make new injection mold or buy existing plastic parts

If you are doubt to make new injection molds to make your own plastic parts or to search the existing plastic parts for your new project. Below post should be very useful for you to make a decision.

What we should do to make a decision?

  • Seach the existing plastic parts manufacturer and inquiry the unit price.
  • Find the injection mold manufacturer to inquiry the new mold cost and unit price, not forget to ask for the MOQ.

How to compare the unit price between existing parts and new developing part?New injection mold

  • We will have a example to purchase 5000pcs plastic enclosure as below:
  • The unit price of the existing price=(5000pcs enclosures cost + 5000pcs shipping charge including all of the cost to have the parts to your warehouse)/5000
  • The unit price of the new developing enclosure cost= (injection mold cost+5000pcs enclosues cost+5000pcs shipping charge including all of the cost to have the parts to your warehouse)/5000
  • Normally if you just purchase 1000pcs have no price advantage compare to the existing.
  • If your purchasing quantities more than 5000pcs, there should be possible.

 What will be the advantage to develop a new plastic parts with new injection mold?

  • You can have the modification based on the existing parts, this means you can design the appreance, structure and funcation whatever as your needs.
  • To make mass production something like 10,000pcs new plastic parts should be much more competitive compare to buy existing plastic parts from manufacturer who already have the mold.
  • Exiting pastic parts should be changed probably, you will face the situation to loose the chance to purchase the existing parts as you did not have the property of the existing mold.
  • Please do not forget to calculate the labor cost to search the existing plastic parts. Normally you should spent lots of time and effort.




Metal machining parts-aluminum

Machining parts manufacturing inquiry tips in China

What you should offer to inquiry metal machining parts manufacturing?Metal machining parts supplier

  • Metal material.( You can check the material on our metal machining parts page)
  • Quantities you will order each time.
  • Surface finishing such as anodizing, painting and powdercoat etc.
  • For aluminum anodizing, you should specify the color and quantities for each color.
  • 2D drawing
  • 3D drawing
  • If it is simple metal parts, you can just offer the 2D drawing with close dimension chain.
  • If it is very complex metal parts, you had better offer the 3D drawing.

 How to have competitive price and reliable supplier?

You should understand this if the long lead time, hard communication and poor quality, it is expensive.

How can we understand this supplier is reliable before orders? Qualified supplier normally have below.Metal machining parts manufacturer

  • Qualified metal machining supplier normally have the professional communication with you.
  • Reply you in time all the time. Reply in hours, not in days or week or no response. Otherwise the supplier is not interested in your inquiry or too poor project management.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Have professional engineer work together with you, speak in English.
  • Prepared documents to explain what you did not know. This will assure you get the answers very quickly every time.
  • Improve all the time based on customer demand and high efficiency work as well as quality and service.

Your potential qualified metal machining supplier also have below:Metal machining parts-aluminum

  • Qualified metal machining supplier normally have long term relationship customers.
  • Your competitor normally use the reliable metal machining supplier.
  • Your competitor may nill you know their reliable supplier.
  • Your every competitor scramble for reliable metal machining supplier.
  • Most of your qualified metal machining supplier normally have enough orders and have skills to control how many orders they need.
  • The best qualified metal machining supplier with favorite price maybe is the one just joint into the qualified supplier group.
  • The best qualified metal machining supplier maybe is the one your competitor did not occupied.

To find the best supplier chain and have the skills to control it will make your more successful and powerful. 



Creat BOM for your complex plastic products inquiry to have competitive price.


What is the BOM for plastic products?


BOM is bill of material. Normal it is created by excel, there is information including:

  • part name,
  • part material,
  • part surface finishing,
  • part quantities per each assembly or sub-assembly
  • secondary process such as painting, silk-screen printing and ultrasonic welding etc.
  • package material including master carton, cardboard and folding box etc.
  • guidance for package.
  • whole demand for your plastic products.


Why you need to prepare the BOM for the plastic product manufacturing inquiry?


  • Form is easier to understand than words
  • Information provided on the email is easier to miss and manage.
  • Most of your supplier should have no good solution to manage email and  archive email with inquiry.
  • End user need to have competitive price, you are pushed to get reasonable and reliable products.
  • Most of factory in China did not have the very professional engineer to review your document in very details.
  • Not all of mold supplier to have the email on the cloud as SEASKY TOOLING GROUP and manage the email with inquiry number.
  • Not all of mold supplier  can find the required email in 5 min. when we have an computer.
  • Whatever if you face above issue. The BOM will make the complex information to read easier and manage easier.


What more information you need to prepare to have plastic product manufacturing inquiry?


  • For the plastic product need to design, your rather have more time to prepare the enough information than to spend more time on the email communication.
  • Marketing expectation and your target on the investment(as cheaper as possible, limit on investment, no worry for investment)
  • Quality standard, if you have no idea for this, please have the example for your supplier to compare the quality. Have the examples products quality and everyone know this.
  • You can read more articles on our “quotation” and “improve your inquiry” categories. Then you will be more powerful to have professional inquiry even better than professional purchaser engineer locally.
  • You can sign our newsletter, we will share more useful information the other supplier nill you know.



Plastic molded components manufacturing

Turnkey to compare the plastic molded product manufacturing price

Plastic molded components manufacturing

Have you faced below issue during your inquiry

  • Price is very big difference from your China mold supplier
  • Unbelievable high price
  • Unbelievable low price

How you can do this better to compare the mold and plastic molded product manufacturing price ?

If you are professional I think you can do this for the mold quotation

  • Specify the mold steel
  • Learn what steel is available in China and price level
  • Specify the mold life
  • Specify the mold base
  • Specify the mold cavity
  • Specify the resin with supplier brand
  • Specify the surface fining for your product and mold

If you would like know more, read below

Custom plastic molded part

When you specify the mold steel not just specify H13 or P20 etc., you can specify the steel like LKM H13 and Finkl P20 etc. You can specify the mold steel company brand as the price from different company are difference.

For the mold base, most of customers need the DME or HASCO standard thanks to that the components can be interchanged in North America and Europe.  To fulfill this demand China mold base supplier meet the market demand to custom make the mold base with DME components or HASCO components, this kind of mold base is still cheaper than the original mold base from HASCO or DME, but it is more expensive than the China standard mold base.

To be honest, China LKM mold base should be the best on based on economy and quality.

Custom standard mold base is more expensive than the standard one. Normally it is from two to three times more expensive.  Most of the non-standard mold base is custom made in China mold base company.

Same resin from different resin supplier is not the same.

If there is any simple way not request so professional as I just start to purchase the plastic molded products?

  • You can inquiry from one of mold supplier what looks very professional
  • Tell your mold company that you need economical or high quality
  • Ask your mold supplier to specify the information like mold steel, mold life, mold cavity and steel supplier etc.

If you just need the plastic products and no need to move the mold in your countryThermoplastic molded automotive plastic part

Basically, tell your molding supplier:

  • What kind of quantities you will order each time
  • How frequency you will order
  • The plastic product life (like how long you will order this product  or you would like to use this mold to produce how many parts)
  • Plastic product surface finishing or secondary process
  • What your plastic product used for

If it is multicavity mold or you have lots of product to make, tell your molding manufacturer:

  • Plastic product color
  • Potential color change for each product
  • Each plastic part dosage for a final product
  • Where the accurate area on your product is
  • Where the fitting area for each component is

Above information will be useful for your mould supplier to specify the mold cavity such as muticavity and family mold. The mold supplier will consider the  economical and quality as well as secondary for your plastic product

We will share more details on our newsletter, may offer some toolkit to make this quotation work easier.

Plastic product manufacturing based on your draft

Plastic product manufacturing based your draft

If you have the plastic product manufacturing and can offer the draft and sketch, also you can not offer the samples. Then below instruction will be helpful for you.

You can offer following information for plastic product manufacturing quotationPlastic product manufacturing based on your draft

  • Plastic product draft in PDF or JPG etc.
  • If there is more than one product, please do not have all of the product draft on one page, please have one product draft on one page.
  • How many piece you need to order each time for the plastic product manufacturing
  • Tell us the material for the plastic product, if you do not know, please let us know how you will use this plastic product. You can offer document or video to describe. Then we can have the suggestion for the resin to use for plastic product manufacturing.
  • If you have more than one piece of plastic products, you can offer a bill of material. You can have the name, dosage, your idea and description for each part.Plastic products manufacturing China
  • You had better to estimate a whole demand for this plastic product. This is useful for us to choose the mold steel or plastic product manufacturing process. Also this will affect the cost of the plastic product.
  • If you have trouble to tell us how many piece you need order, but you just know how much you will invest this product. You may let us know this information.  Then we can tell you if your invest is enough to start the project.
  • You can have the package information for us. You can also search the picture reference to have instruction for us to think of  the package. Sure we can also offer reference based your words for the package.
  • You can consider the package after the plastic product manufacturing and during plastic product manufacturing. We can offer the package cost separately.

Plastic product manufacturing processPlastic product manufacturing

  • We can offer the plastic product design based on your draft. If it is simple design, we will not charge you.
  • We will send the 3D drawing for your approval
  • We can offer the plastic prototype for your approval. This will have cost
  • We will offer design for manufacturing analysis before mold design, simple and easy understand way to help you understand the mold concept and what the molding process to have the plastic product manufacturing.
  • We will offer the weekly report for the mold manufacturing
  • Updated report and schedule each week for you for production
  • You can inquiry the schedule during manufacturing, we will reply you in 24 hours.

Trade term for plastic product manufacturing

 EXW, FCA ShenZhen, FOB ShenZhen, FOB HongKong, CIF, DDU.


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