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Drawing format for quotation STL If you offer STL drawing, it is okay to quote the SLA prototype. Also it is possible to offer the casting prototype. If you need to make casting prototype, the quantities should be more than two sets, otherwise there is no advantage compare to SLA and CNC machining prototype. If […]

Silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution What silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution SEASKYTOOLING have? SEASKYTOOLING use the compression molding process to manufacture silicone rubber parts. This is simple mold with lower cost, which should be about 1/5 cost of injection even lower. Generally the mold is like two plate with cavity and core on the two […]

Plastic injection molding color quantities affect the unit price During the plastic part development, if you choose the plastic injection molding process to manufacture plastic parts. You should understand  the more plastic injection molding color on the same production quantity is more expensive than one color production. Why more expensive to order more colors? Because there […]

Family mold to reduce the mold cost What is family mold? Family mold is multiple cavity mold, but the plastic parts are different. Why you need family mold? Save mold cost and plastic unit price. To shot different parts at one shot. What you need to pay attention to purchase family mold? If you need to […]

Machining parts manufacturing inquiry tips in China What you should offer to inquiry metal machining parts manufacturing? Metal material.( You can check the material on our metal machining parts page) Quantities you will order each time. Surface finishing such as anodizing, painting and powdercoat etc. For aluminum anodizing, you should specify the color and quantities for each […]

Creat BOM for your complex plastic products inquiry to have competitive price.   What is the BOM for plastic products?   BOM is bill of material. Normal it is created by excel, there is information including: part name, part material, part surface finishing, part quantities per each assembly or sub-assembly secondary process such as painting, silk-screen […]

Plastic product manufacturing based your draft If you have the plastic product manufacturing and can offer the draft and sketch, also you can not offer the samples. Then below instruction will be helpful for you. You can offer following information for plastic product manufacturing quotation Plastic product draft in PDF or JPG etc. If there […]