Plastic mold manufacturing

Plastic mold manufacturing

  • High quality plastic mold manufacturing.
  • Export the mold to you or have mold to produce parts in our plant,
  • Well-known DME and HASCO standard.
  • Well-known SPI mold specification.
  • High quality plastic injection molding.
  • Plastic product development.

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Well-know mold standard in different country

  • 19+ years mould making experience for internation market,
  • Severed 200+ customers in the world, it is also increasing,
  • Build your mold standard in our company,
  • Target on understanding your mold standard like yourself.
  • Work as your own team to build mold and communicate.
Plastic mold manufacturing


  • Most of project manager with 10+ years for mold,
  • Easier communication,
  • Reference customer to prove our honesty & service,
  • Work as your own team to develop your product,
  • Weekly progress report with picture,
  • Molding report and Inspection report.

Steel advantage

  • Help you to define mold steel based on your demand,
  • Help you to define the mold base,
  • Help you to check if the mold steel & mold specification you choosed is reliable and reasonable.
  • Just purchase qualified steel for mold making.
  • Steel certification,
  • Mold base certification,
  • Heat treatment certification

Steel available

  • ASSAB mould steel,
  • DAIDO mould steel,
  • Finkl mould steel,
  • LKM mould steel,
  • Baosteel,
  • China local etc.

You can choose following international hot runner system:

Hot nozzle mold

Other brand per your request

Quality control

  • DFM report,
  • Mold flow simulation & professional report in English,
  • Mold base inspection,
  • Mold steel heat treatment certification,
  • Purchase qualified mold steel & mold base,
  • Mold steel hardness inspection,
  • Electrode inspection,
  • Injection molding report,
  • Samples inspection report,
  • IPQC for production.

Right mold manufacturing solution for mould manufacturing

  • Based on above advantage, you are guaranteed:
  • Optimized plastic product design.
  • Optimized mold design.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Reliable quality.
  • Lead time controlled.