Plastic Tube Fitting Molding

Plastic tube fitting molding

Seasky Tooling is your reliable China plastic tube fitting molding supplier in China offer

  • Plastic tube fitting mold manufacturing
  • Plastic tube fitting molding manufacturing
  • Plastic tube fitting prototypes

for Europe, North America, South America and Oceania etc.

Plastic tube fittings molding

Why you should choose us for the plastic tube fitting molding & mold manufacturing?

  • 12 hours to reply your inquiry
  • Less than two days to offer quotation
  • Design For Manufacture analysis before mold manufacturing
  • 2D and 3D mold drawing for your approval
  • Weekly report with picture for mold making
  • Inspection report and Molding parameter report for mold trial
  • Heat treatment report for mold steel
  • Mold base certification
  • Mold steel certification
  • Plastic injection molding capacity
  • Support & offer shipping
  • Prototype for plastic tube fitting capacity
  • 13+ years experience for international business
  • Most of engineers have more than ten years experience
  • Professional project manager work with, speak in English

Service experience for difference companyCustom plastic pipe fittings threaded

  • Plastic product design company
  • Plastic injection molding factory
  • Plastic mold manufacturing factory
  • Supply chain company
  • Own famous brand company like FedEx, Steelcase, ETAS
  • Personal company just start to make plastic parts
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