Manufacture Technique

Choose molded logo or printing logo for plastic parts What is molded logo ? Molded logo manufacturing process is to engrave the logo on plastic injection mold. Then molded plastic parts with logo directly without secondary process. What is printing logo? The printing logo manufacturing process is to have pad printing or silk-screen printing or […]

How to make your own plastic parts Whole answers for how to make your own plastic parts. Answers in mind to make your own plastic parts( first step to consider to make your own plastic parts) Once you find this page, you should have some of plastic parts to make. Before to find the solution […]

Prototype injection molding: Prototype injection mold is the trial mold to make small quantities plastic parts production, normally the quantities is less than 10,000 pcs. SEASKYTOOLING offer prototype injection mold manufacturing and prototype injection molding for global market. Steel for prototype injection mold manufacturing: Prototype injection mold core and cavity steel is chosen based on […]

Plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK Seasky Tooling provide plastic injection mold manufacturing for UK customer, also we offer plastic molding manufacturing. We offer plastic injection mold manufacturing and plastic molding service covered below appliance. Automotive appliance Electrical & electronic Instrument gauge Home appliances Printer copier Household appliance Industrials Medical appliances & device  Communication appliances etc.   […]

Insert plastic molding solution: Insert plastic molding is a injection molding process to have inserts as below to have over molding process. Aluminum, copper, and stainless steel inserts; Knurled inserts; Metal shafts insert; Threaded brass; Metal fasteners; Color options plastic inserts. What kind of resin you can use for insert plastic molding: There are lots of […]

Clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution We will talk about clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution from the design to the manufacturing on this post. We will show you the normal clear plastic enclosures for electronics manufacturing solution, also it is the cost saving and safety solution. Clear plastic enclosures for electronics design […]

Transparent plastic prototype manufacturing There are a few process to have transparent plastic prototype manufacturing as following: CNC machining process with PMMA Plastic casting process SLA process 3D printing We can choose transparent plastic prototype manufacturing process based on your demand such as qualities, use and function etc. CNC transparent plastic prototype manufacturing This is […]

Turnkey solution to control plastic injection molding tolerance There are lots of people are talking about that how to control the tolerance for plastic molding. I combine my experience with a few exporter who have more than 20 years experience for molding industry. I hope following information will be very useful for you. What will […]

PVC injection molding What is the PVC? It is Polyvinyl chloride polymer. It is thermoplastic resin with the cheapest cost.  Natural color is white or light yellow or translucent light yellow. PVC is one of most common resin using in the world. Mechanical properties of PVC plastics depends on the relative molecular weight of polymer, […]